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VERY IMPORTANT FOR LICENSED PROFESSIONALS! Although many videos on the internet show the EFT or MR practitioner tapping ON the client, this is not necessary.

Listen below for an interview with Vicki Steine, LCSW:
Impressive Results with Matrix Reimprinting in My Practice

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As a therapist, I appreciate the incredible value of helping clients resolve issues that have left these clients feeling frustrated, miserable, and insecure. One new client called me because she suddenly started having panic attacks. She was terrified about having another panic attack. I asked if she wanted to try something to resolve her panic attack and she agreed to an energy approach. By the time she left my office after her first session, she was calm. The next week, when she arrived for a session, I asked if she had experienced any additional panic attacks, she blithely answered, “Nah.” I asked if she was afraid of having another panic attack and she again answered, “Nah.” I find that standard therapeutic approaches mesh well with energy work. I appreciate the value of using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting both from the perspective of being a client and from the perspective of being a therapist. As a student taking EFT or Matrix Reimprinting trainings, I have had the opportunity to work on old issues that appeared to be stuck. They’re weren’t really stuck; I just hadn’t used the most effective approach yet to resolve them. Kathryn B. Sherrod, Ph.D.

Frames of Reference

EFT – or “tapping” helps clients reach their potential by breaking down the blocks that hold clients back and by healing emotional scars.  (Click HERE for research.) These techniques can be used for self-help or professionally, as a stand alone practice or as an adjunct to your existing practice.

It’s only been a week but I see tapping as a valuable tool that compliments Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which is what I use the most. I assisted a colleague in removing some chronic pain yesterday. It took 4 rounds (of tapping). The key was her saying that she was not ok but wanted to be. She said she’d never admitted that before. Once we did that, it was only 2 more rounds. It was wonderful. I am so grateful to you for teaching me this work! Vicki S, LCSW

Alina’s workshop was the best I have ever attended (and I have attended hundreds). I am a clinical psychologist, and am beginning to use EFT in my practice. Alina is an amazing practitioner and teacher. Dianna Coleman, Chicago, Illinois

About Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting is a collection of new cutting-edge techniques created by EFT Master Karl Dawson. It combines EFT with ideas from memory reconsolidation and psychological extinction to create rapid personal change. It is a powerful tool in helping clients transform their interpretations about how they have felt limited and defined by their past experiences and actions. When clients utilize Matrix Reimprinting to re-examine and re-organize their interpretations of themselves and their relationships, they create positive shifts in their emotional and physical well-being that release them to function effectively and positively in the present.

Karin, let me say first that the course on Matrix Reimprinting with you was one of the finest training courses I have ever attended. The material was so well presented, with a sense of layers of developing understanding, and outstanding insights and information and modeling. You are truly an outstanding teacher. Since I have a doctorate, and many other designations, I have attended quite a few trainings. I would put yours as one of the top and most effective. What talents you have. Diane Butturff, PhD, CFP, CCP, EFT Cert 1

The Matrix Reimprinting Technique is:

  • Easy to learn
  • Gentle on clients so sessions are not retraumatizing
  • Quickly finds core issues, related trauma and beliefs
  • Encourages client reframes and cognitive shifts to solidify resolution of trauma
  • Identifies and corrects psychological reversal
  • Clarifies and resolves previously denied secondary gains
  • Uncovers clients’ positive beliefs that had been hidden
  • Works on clients who feel “numb” about issues
  • Supports clients in developing forgiveness, first for themselves, then for others
  • Sends a message to the body that the trauma is over
  • Allows clients to access internal resources that had been inaccessible to them
  • Allows clients to challenge their negative interpretations of their past

We react today from what we learned in the past. With the Matrix Reimprinting technique, we resolve the negative energetic charge around these negative learnings so the client can release and change the past learning to a positive learning. This changes their relationship to their past, and affects their emotional and physical health in the present.

In order to do this we begin with a technique from traditional EFT courses called the ‘Movie Technique’. In the traditional Movie Technique you focus on a memory that has a negative emotional charge for you, running it in your mind as if it were a movie. You stop at points where you experience emotional or physical distress, using EFT to resolve your distress. This is one of the core techniques in EFT, and we have seen excellent results with this technique over the years. In Matrix Reimprinting, clients return to a previously unresolved scene, with the support necessary to recognize how they became “stuck” in their emotional reactions to that event so they can resolve that event. Clients shift from their previously negative self-assessments to an appreciation of themselves. For example, one client commented that she shifted from feeling helpless and betrayed to having a sense of peace that had previously eluded her. Because clients take an active part in healing their old emotional wounds during sessions, they develop a sense of efficacy, instead of relying on practitioners or therapists to hold the tools and skills to help them.

I changed my profession to Matrix Reimprinting

I came for Certification and got lots more!

Benefits of Matrix Reimprinting

  • Gentle – the Matrix Reimprinting technique, which can be learned in a few days, rather than requiring years to learn, helps clients resolve traumatic experiences without being re-traumatized.
  • Re-evaluating the past – Sometimes clients are described as “rewriting” their past, which does not mean denying that the past happened. Initially, clients cringe with vulnerability regarding past events, feeling shamed, blamed, or flawed. As clients resolve issues, they might shift, for example, from saying, “It was my fault” or “You were mean” to a view that shifts away from harsh judgments to a compassionate view of themselves and others. Clients shift from feeling vulnerable or “less than” to regaining their personal peace and power.
  • Resolving core issues – In traditional EFT, when someone expresses a belief, such as “I must be perfect to be loved.” practitioners find the early memories relating to this belief and resolve them with EFT. In Matrix Reimprinting, after resolving the memories and negative interpretations that contributed to core issues, practitioners support clients in instill new supporting beliefs, thoughts, and emotions. This allows clients to shift and transform their belief systems in the present moment.
  • Reframes and cognitive shifts – One of the benefits is that the work is done by clients with guidance from practitioners. Clients decide what they need to resolve their distress. Because transformative power is in clients’ hands, they reframe situations themselves. Practitioners often can help by noticing cognitive shifts clients are making, encouraging clients to acknowledge and verbalize those shifts.
  • Forgiveness – Matrix Reimprinting allows clients to forgive themselves and others. This does not mean that clients come to view what happened as “okay.” What it means is that clients recognize that they remain lovable and worthy as people, despite whatever bad thing happened or whatever good thing did not happen.
  • Psychological reversal and secondary gains – When clients interact with the past self, they can begin to understand exactly why they are holding onto problems or issues by staying stuck in old patterns. We developed those beliefs and emotional reactions as a way to protect ourselves. By now, old solutions have become problems. When clients recognize and appreciate themselves for having done the best they could to develop strategies and beliefs to deal with previous overwhelming events, they give ourselves permission to develop new mature interpretations, beliefs, and emotional behavior patterns.
  • Positive beliefs – After resolving old issues, clients instill new positive emotions and beliefs about themselves, others, and the universe.
  • Disassociated clients – Matrix works on clients who report feeling numb about events that would be expected to evoke an emotional reaction. Some clients can recite what happened as if it happened to someone else; these clients have compartmentalized their emotions and reactions. For EFT practitioners, this client group is very challenging. In contrast, in Matrix Reimprinting, clients work with the part of themselves that had the experience; clients stay separate or dissociated from their younger selves that were upset or possibly traumatized.
  • Trauma resolution – MR ends the trauma cycle in which the trauma is replayed over and over in the mind and subconscious. Clients’ bodies hold trauma by being tight, in pain, restricted, or with other symptoms. Releasing the trauma enables the body to respond in healthier ways, no longer using so much energy to deal with the past.
  • Preconscious trauma – With the Matrix Reimprinting technique, clients can resolve trauma that they do not consciously or verbally recall. This means that clients can resolve trauma from when they were very young or possibly from when they were passed out from having taken drugs or when they were under anesthesia during surgery.
  • Resolving the unresolvable – How do you say goodbye to someone who died after you two had an argument that was never resolved? How do you say, “I’m sorry” or “I love you.” to a person who is gone? Using Matrix Reimprinting, clients can release the emotions around unresolved relationships.

Karin Davidson has an unique way of teaching. In three days there was never a dull moment; she was engaging, creative, hilarious, and full of interesting stories and lessons. I walked away from this course with confidence that I had enough knowledge and enough support to get started on making this my livelihood. I would most certainly take any other course that Karin offers as she is a master at her craft and knows exactly how to transfer those skills to her students. Julie Hilson

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EFT Level 1 & 2 (21 CE hours)

January 31-February 2, 2015, Burlington, ON, Canada
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Karin Davidson

EFT Level 1 & 2 (21 CE hours)

February 7-9, 2015, West Philadelphia Area, PA
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TBA 2015, Houston, TX
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Matrix Reimprinting (13 CE hours)

TBA Spring 2015, Nashville, TN
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